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People Live Everywhere

Nonagon - People Live Everywhere

People Live Everywhere was recorded over 3 days in the Spring of 2011 by Justin Foley at Kerguelen Studio in Astoria, NY. Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Bob Weston. Jacket designed by Robert Gomez using photos by Nathan Keay. Packaged with a code for free MP3 download.

The critics agree: "Chicago remains still in the line of gazes at, a clear cash register that slams fire of god..." -SKX, Perte et Fracas (I think our French is a tad rusty)

Quenchers Saloon
Chicago, Illinois

The PRF, Kitchen Sink Cafe & Metropolis Coffee present a winter benefit for Pierce Elementary School. Rock music, The World famous Hype Live Band Karaoke Experience, Delicious and ample cauldron based food and home brewed booze, Auctions, Raffles, Film, Fun and winter frolic. More details as they arise. This is gonna be a classy banger, folks, trust us.

Senior executive branch of Nonagon, Inc.

John and Tony: The senior executive branch of Nonagon, Inc.

Nonagon Videos

We have a some videos on YouTube. Just go there and do a search for our name. Here are a few for you to look at:

A Public Service Annoucement from Nonagon

This is a bit of parenting advice in the form of a television public service announcement. It's based on the old "Parents who use drugs have children who use drugs." PSA and was created to promote our record, People Live Everywhere

The Mutiny
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill The Dirty Howlers I Love Rich

There were other bands on the bill but I have forgotten who they were (John, can you fix this?). Anyhow, I seriously believe this was the show that caused my tinnitus in my left ear that has been with me since. -Robert

The Iron Post
Urbana, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill Triple Whip Ryan Groff

Iron Post PosterThe reconfigured 2-piece Triple Whip was kind enough to invinte us to play again in Champaign/Urbana. Click the thumbnail of the flyer for a closer view.

There was video taken of this entire show. I will post it as soon as I get full band approval. -Robert